An Open Letter to Southwest Airlines Regarding my Recently Diverted Flight to Houston

Southwest Airlines, where you can pick your seat, but not your destination.

Southwest Airlines, where you can pick your seat, but not your destination.

Dear Southwest Airlines,

Coming back from vacation sucks. No one is ever like, MAN. I can’t wait to hit the office! I’m going to sit at my desk and work like no one’s business! This particular vacation was ending with me flying to Houston (FORESHADOWING: THIS PART IS IMPORTANT) solo with Jones and Casey was flying to Pittsburgh for work.

This trip was extra-special amazing because my boo turned 40, and his best friend and his family came over from Ft. Lauderdale to spend two nights with us. It was also his step brother’s 35 birthday, so loads of cake and celebrating and drinking and sitting on the beach and drinking and we had some drinks. Just a really good time.

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One of the Things You Never Want to Hear While Flying: You May Have Noticed We’re Turning Right

You may have noticed we are turning right.....

You may have noticed we are turning right…..

Between my shark post and what I’m about to tell you, you could get the impression that I live a life of DANGER.

This is false. I used to live a life of danger, now my idea of danger is drinking out of a glass, even if I’m not 100% sure it’s mine. Just want to set a baseline here.

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Tips for Solo Travel With Your Toddler

Of course I'm smiling. It was early in the day. Or what I like to call Before.

Of course I’m smiling. It was early in the day. Or what I like to call Before.

Our family travels as much as we can. In fact, we just spent a lovely week on Family Vacation in Ft. Myers, Florida. The end of the week saw a bunch of us going our separate ways for various reasons, so that’s how I found myself yesterday, traveling solo with my three year old.

It was an interesting day, in which I had a few thoughts about what could have made it better, and I wanted to share those learnings with you, dear reader. So here we go.

Tip number one.

Don’t go out drinking the night before you have to travel cross country, alone, with a three year old. Especially if you are waking up at 6 am to go to the airport. I don’t care if it’s your ‘last night of vacation’, the next morning when that alarm goes off and you have to unglue your eyeballs and wonder where your pants are, you are NOT going to be a happy camper.

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No Glass Left Behind

What to do, what to do.

What to do, what to do.

I’m getting ready to leave for  8 days of vacation (woooooooo va to ca to the sha to the en!) and I have this half bottle of wine here. It’s already opened. It won’t keep. I have an hour and a half until I leave for the airport. It’s 2:00 pm. Do I:

Drink it. Duh.

Just drain it and recycle the bottle. There is more where that came from.

Why is this even a question? Do you have another bottle? Open that, too.

So I ask you, dear reader, what would YOU do?

Yours in I think we can all guess what I’m doing right now,