Who is the Unstable Table??

Unstable Table is four fabulous female friends from France. JUST KIDDING. We are from Pittsburgh. I was just on a roll there with the alliteration. Who are these four goddesses, you ask? Let’s meet them!


I am until very recently a single mother of two amazing children. A 7 year old boy, and an almost college bound teenage daughter, both whom are the center of my world. I am a working professional,  soccer-ish type mom,  den leader, marathoner,  & health food fanatic (kinda…)

Come on, nobody cannot eat some smothered cheese fries with bacon, and devour a batch of undercooked Duncan brownies once in a while! I am only human!  But I do love to eat healthy and try to advocate it as much as I can without being annoying. I try to balance life as well as I can.  I love being a parent, but I also love being in the workforce, and taking care of myself. I have adult ADHD and I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Alright, I lied. I am a lot of a hypochondriac. In third grade I went to the school nurse because I thought I had prostate cancer.

Expect me to blog about maintaining a healthy balance with nutrition and wellness, running & fitness, motherhood,  and how to feel like an awesome mom without being a perfectionist! Pinterest moms can suck it! JUST KIDDING!


Carla works for a chic salon and spa, where sometimes famous people show up.  Half of the time, she has no idea who these famous people actually are, and she really doesn’t care.   She loves being a wife, homeowner and new mother.  So far, at least.   Her real goal is to be the next Martha Stuart/Pinterest Queen of the internet that also drinks bourbon.  We don’t think that niche has been filled yet.

Expect Carla to write about home renovations, patio cocktails, Pinterest recipes, the occasional celebrity and being a new mom.  Anticipate lots of bodily functions and the sporadic tear being shed.  She will have her bourbon close by at all times.


Julie is a 29-for-the-fourth-time girl who is just trying to get by with her 9 and 6 year old sons and her giant man child husband without ending up in jail or rehab. She is a Certified Office Bitch by day, and fancies herself a professional wine taster by night.

She spends her days singing just loudly enough to annoy her coworkers, having anxiety attacks over house clutter, and obsessively mopping her floors. She loves wine, gay guys, drinking coffee, gossiping with her girlfriends, and discussing sex inappropriately with everyone. She will be writing about all things sex, love, relationship, family (functional and dysfunctional), and wine related. When you aren’t afraid to talk about anything, no subject is off the table!

And last but not least, Bethany!

Bethany will be 39 this year, but you can’t tell because she gets Botox religiously every three months. It’s the only thing religious she does. Ever. A fan of plastic surgery, Prada, and stupid expensive wine, Bethany likes to mix it up by being a screaming feminist liberal who donates monthly to NPR. It’s all about achieving balance.

She has two lovely sons, one about to head off to the Army, the other in preschool. She and her boyfriend are building a real estate empire, and in the meantime, she is off doing professional stuff. Expect her to blog about whatever the hell she wants.


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