Last Day of Vacation Tries to Kill Me: Volume II


Me and Jones at the airport in Aruba. And this was BEFORE we knew what was going to happen to us in Atlanta. Sidenote: no clue who that dude is behind us. Santa, maybe? Not sure.

Because I travel a lot, odds are fairly high that I’m going to run across glitches. I can only imagine the logistical gymnastics that occur on a daily basis for airlines, with tens of thousands of flights taking off and landing each day.

It’s more surprising that I don’t have MORE delays and issues. However, it seems that when something does happen to me, it’s always at the very worst time. Like, say, you’re stuck in Denver with your boss, or, your traveling solo with a four year old and 27 pieces of luggage and you get stranded in New Orleans overnight.

It’s never on the days where I can absorb the bump and go about my life. Ever. Like yesterday. But before we get there, let’s go back in time 9 days…

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