The Smitharuhe’s go Roller Skating. Really

I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot lately. That’s not like me. Here is a nice little breakĀ from me complaining about Southwest. It’s a video of my really bad decision to try something different with my family and go roller skating on a beautiful, sunny day in Houston.


Southwest Airlines. Mission Statement:


I had a really nice run today. I ran fast, way faster than my usual pace. It was the pace of a woman desperate to make her connection and get back to her family after a three day work trip. It was the pace of a woman who did not want to get stuck in the Denver airport for five hours.

It was the pace of a woman who already had a really, really crappy experience with Southwest and had zero faith in their ability to deliver on their lofty claims of Loving Their Customers (side note to Southwest: Putting words in Capital Letters doesn’t Mean anything if You don’t Deliver on Said Words. Just Saying).

It was the pace of a woman who landed ten minutes before her connection from Denver to Houston was taking off, and had a good 1/4 mile of airport to get through.

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