At Your Service: Million Dollar Wedding Package a Steal at Million Dollars

The W South Beach. TRULY a full service hotel.

The W South Beach. TRULY a full service hotel.

Would you spend a million dollars on your wedding? Even if you HAD a million dollars, which, if you’re reading this I’m assuming you don’t. Because you would be on your yacht double-fisting champagne and not reading blogs.

Well if you would, if this is something that makes you say, you know what? Yes. I WOULD spend a million dollars on a wedding package then WOO BOY do I have good news for you. The W Hotel South Beach has got you covered.

You get spa services, a seaplane (every little girl’s wedding dream!), a yacht, and even cufflinks! You do nothing but show up! Oh, and pay a million dollars.

And, as IF that isn’t enough. If your wedding night is not feeling spicy enough for you, or if your best man fails to hook up with your maiden of honor, guess what else the W South Beach can get you?

That’s right. Hookers.

I’ve called to see if they are included in the million dollars, and will update when I hear back.