What Are My Upstairs Neighbors Doing Between 3 and 6 am; A List.


So as many of you know by now, we have moved to Houston. I know, right? It’s crazy! Not only did we move to Houston, we moved into an apartment. Not only did we move in to an apartment, we moved in to a second floor apartment in a three story building.

This has led to some interesting dynamics, being as we’ve become unaccustomed to having someone live above and below us. Primarily above us.

These people (I’m assuming it’s people, plural. Either that or an eight-legged man) have some sort of an interesting ritual where from the hours of 3 am and 6 am, they wake up and make a lot of noise with their feet. I know this because their room is directly above ours.

The first morning in our new apartment, we awoke at 3 am to the creaks, groans and stomps. We lay there in bed, blinking in disbelief. What was this sorcery?

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