Goodbye, Old Friend


Dear Leather Recliner,

I’m sitting on you now, letting myself feel the comfort of you one last time. Goodbyes are hard, and to be frank, I suck at them.
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Namaste for Love: My hubby went to yoga!


Give us two weeks and we could totally do this...

Today was a banner day in my household. After years of my mother asking and now months of me asking, also…I got my husband to a hot yoga class.

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Fierce “fast” Female Friday

When a women is told she can’t do something because of her gender and she not only does it she excels, she is a fierce female in my book. Katherine Switzer has paved the way for female runners, she is an inspiration and has motivated me personally to run marathons.  She is Fierce,  Fast,  and fabulous!

Finnish Female Friday: Tarja Halonen


You know, maybe my friend Alex was right when he said that ‘fierce’ had jumped the shark (thanks TYRA), so I’m going to try something else this week.

Readers, welcome to Finnish Female Friday, where this week we celebrate Tarja Halonen, 11th President of Finland, and first female Head of State for that fine country (it is a country, right? I think so. A quick Google check confirms it. Yes. It is a country. Moving on…)

Fierce AND Finnish

Fierce AND Finnish

Let’s tick off some of her awesome attributes, shall we?

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Vacation Survival Guide: North Carolina Edition


It is a lot of work to prepare for vacation, especially for a busy family of four, spread out over two cities a thousand miles away. You have to figure out who is bringing what, do laundry, shop, pack, procure plane tickets, coordinate schedules, tie up everything at work (as much as one can), and, of course, research all of the natural predators native to the location of your trip, so you know how to defend yourself at all times.

I mean, we all do that, right?

We were off for Casey’s annual family vacation, heading for the second year in a row to gorgeous Lake Norman in North Carolina.

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