New Chapters and Such…


It took me a few days to bring myself to write this post. I debated even writing it, actually. Just having jumped back into blogging, I didn’t want to depress you, my dear readers.

But, then I remembered that if you are reading my posts, you are either fond of me and will therefore be supportive…or you hate my guts and this will just give you plenty of satisfaction knowing that I’m suffering. So. Either way, here goes.

I got laid off on Friday. I have worked for the last two years at an accounting firm as an admin assistant. I have loved it, and I have hated at…sometimes these feelings have happened days apart and sometimes within seconds of each other so that they almost felt simultaneous.

I have always considered myself a free spirit…a creative thinker…nothing is ever black or white in my world…I embrace the gray area. Accounting firms are the polar opposite of this way of life. If I said I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, Well, I’d be a liar. I basically had one friend there and when She went on maternity leave, I sat alone in my car to eat lunch. Pretty lame! But I was comfortable there. I knew what to expect. And other than dealing with cranky accountants during tax season, the job it self wasn’t overly difficult. I did learn a lot there, and for that I am grateful.

Anyway, the whys and how’s don’t really matter. It’s typical corporate stuff and it has basically made my job redundant. My initial reaction was to cry. Then cry some more. Then I spent the weekend drinking too much wine and dosing myself with comfort food. I basically gave myself two days to wallow in self pity. Today is a new day. And here’s what I have learned, and what I will keep reminding myself when things begin to look dark: every job, every mistake, every step along the way has led me somewhere new. Sometimes, the thing that seems terrible and pointless and hard is only a means to send you to the brand new place where you are supposed to be. I’ve got my health, my beautiful family, friends who are always there for me, and my sense of humor. I will be OK.

And of all the times to get laid off, summer is way better than during the polar vortex!



1 thought on “New Chapters and Such…

  1. So sorry, Julie. As a multiple-time veteran of this particular scenario, I am well aware of the degree to which it sucks.

    Here’s to hoping you get another job right around the time you get bored with staying home.

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