Wigle Whiskey Barrel House and Whiskey Garden. Get thee to it.

Hell to the Ya.

Hell to the Ya.

One of Casey’s (that’s my boyfriend to any of you newbs) birthday prezzies was tickets to the grand opening of the newest outpost of Wigle Whiskey; the Whiskey Garden and Barrel House, so last night we headed over to the North Side to find out what, exactly, is a whiskey garden.

To those of you who don’t know, Pittsburgh is the birth place of American whiskey, and Wigle is the first distillery here since one of the darkest spots in our nation’s history, Prohibition.

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SEX!!!!! Now that I have your attention…


Kids. When they are yours, they are like a new journal. They come into this world as a pristine blank page…and it’s your job to fill them up…with knowledge, with memories, with love…basically, with stories to tell their therapist in 20 years. Continue reading

Three Days, Three Cookouts, Many Pictures

I had all of these ambitious plans to write this kick ass Memorial Day weekend post, full of funny anecdotes, selfies of me drinking, and wonderful pictures of my amazing friends and family. I am too beat to bust out any anecdotes, so please enjoy a photo montage of my three cookout, three day holiday weekend.

Cookout number one: Saturday, Carla’s house. One of my absolute besties, Dana, is in from New York. Julie made jello shots. I took a very bad picture. As you can tell from our laughs, yes, we were having a freaking blast.

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Things to do Before You Have Children


I love a good list. Lists say, I have opinions that need numbered, I know people don’t read anymore, and I’m too lazy to write out whole paragraphs.

There are a lot of topics I could write lists for, but since I’m currently in a state of trying to not throttle my teenager, let’s go with one that’s topical to ME.

Things to do BEFORE you have Children.

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Nailed it!

Not Really.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today.  Much like my other almost middle aged mom peers, I have a way of over doing it. I over worry, I over commit, over sign my kids up for way to much sh..stuff. I over analyze and I over achieve and over underachieve. I over worry, over eat and then I over exercise.  I am an over-doer.

I can’t just run, I have to run for a marathon. I can’t just sign my kids up for one activity; I have to sign up for 10. I can’t just eat a piece of cake, I have to eat the whole cake. I can’t just drink a glass of wine I have to drink the entire bottle of wine. I can’t just pluck my eyebrows, I have to pluck them all..(ok not really, but you get the drift.)

Everything I do, I over do!! And you know where it gets me?

Here. It gets me here.


I overdo and end up with a bunch of nothin’ ..

So my fellow lady friends and fellas that also ride the crazy over-doer train to nowhere. I implore you to make a pact with me:  Let’s stop over doing it!  Let’s all just try to freaking RELAX.

Or you will get a Mother’s (or Father’s day) card from your child like this, that depicts you as a weirdo that goes crazy and looks at your computer.

*actual card from my son.


-yours in relaxation